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Agriculture industry renewable energy

Agriculture industry renewable energy:

The agricultural industry typically has a high demand for energy so it is a natural necessity to make savings wherever necessary. For businesses in the agriculture sector, making savings on energy bills whilst generating a second income could make a real difference.

How can Solar PV help shape the future of Agriculture?


Whilst green practices are becoming ever prevalent, making the transition to renewable energy is becoming a real solution to reducing dependence on expensive fossil fuels. Solar PV has been made not only accessible but desirable through government incentives, enabling customers to not only cut their costs down but make a tax free return on their secure investment.

contact-usEvogreen have a number of different financial packages available with options for web monitoring, extended guarantees and digital display readouts. Please ask when speaking to one of our advisors to hear more.


Solar PV can work for all types oAgriculture industry renewable energyf farms whether they are poultry farmers who require continual light, cereal famers who need to dry their grain during harvest or landowners who have diversified into other areas.

The government payments are an index linked income for 20 years, therefore with minimal involvement there is a secondary revenue steadily and continuously paying for itself for two decades.

Evogreen understands that the path from initial contact to completion is a complex procress which is why our projects are managed individually making it a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients.

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