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About Us

Evogreen has a portfolio of over 150 sustainable energy systems installed at educational establishments, local-authorities and commercial businesses in all sectors across the UK. Our installed products (Biomass boilers, Solar PV and Voltage Optimisation) provided a way for organisations to embrace sustainable energy technology while benefiting in a financially rewarding way by simply paying an annual lease amount.

Evogreen was founded with a clear goal in mind; to enable organisations to lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint without having to pay for the project outright.  We are passionate about helping our clients have a better understanding of how green energy can help reduce CO2 emissions whilst saving money and generating an income.

Evogreen provides honest and thorough guidance throughout every project and only deliver what is best for the client and best for the environment. As a result of this and approach and our funding model, we have built an impressive portfolio of sites which we run in return for a fixed fee.

Funding of sustainable energy projects:

Our key differentiator is that we partnered with world leading financial institutions to offer our clients the opportunity to embrace sustainable energy at a time of high Government subsidies without the up-front capital cost. This cost was the biggest barrier to entry – but we allowed our clients to spread the expense over the lifetime of the project whilst allowing them to keep the full benefits. 


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Click on our case study pages for examples of how we have installed Solar PV, Biomass boilers and Voltage Optimisation for organisations across the UK.

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