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Schools Solar

Fairhaven Primary SchoolWith ever decreasing budgets and rapidly increasing utilities Evogreen understand schools want to take control and reduce spending where they can. Solar PV is a great option for schools, Academies, colleges & universities often there are large flat roof areas which can be perfect for the installation of a solar array.

Producing your own electricity allows the school to be less reliant on traditional energy sources, at the same time you are able to save money on electricity bills and produce additional revenue via the Government backed Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), at the same time you are able to reduce the schools carbon footprint.

Evogreen in partnership with the Carbon Trust are able to offer a schools compliant Operating Rental which allows the school to embrace solar technology with no capital outlay required.

We want to make sure that from a very early age children understand the effects of global warming and climate change and know how to effect change. We want them to know the are in control of their future and have the knowledge and enthusiasm to share with others.

As part of what Evogreen do we offer a full Curriculum Assist Program, this consists of keystage lesson plans and activities explaining exactly how their installation works and what it is doing for the school, to find out more please click here.

We have been fortunate to work with a large amount of schools & Academies and have a wide range of online case studies, below is a quote from one of the many schools wEmerson Valley Schoole have worked with.

“Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources that are not harmful to the environment is the way forward. The installation of the solar panels at school will also help increase the children’s awareness of alternative energy sources and the importance of caring for our planet. Hopefully in the future the panels will also save the school money on electricity bills and free up more of the budget to spend on other important educational resources for the children.” – Mrs Appleton – Waterman Primary School– Eco-Committee Leader