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Commercial Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV:

Electricity produced from sunlight is the cleanest form of electricity generation.

Why should our organisation install Solar PV?

By installing a solar PV system, your organisation is able to harness the free energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. This, in turn, lowers energy costs by way of less usage of energy from your supplier. It also gives you the chance to earn money through the UK Feed-in-Tariff  scheme which is guaranteed for 20 years. Most importantly, however, installing a solar PV system helps reduce greenhouse gases, as energy use associated with buildings accounts for around 50% of UK CO2 emissions. So you can rest easy, knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment and reducing the effects of climate change.

Corporate responsibility and environmental aims:

Many companies wish to work in a way that promotes sustainability and reduce waste. This can be a powerful message to your workforce and customers and can be incorporated into your company aims for the future. Producing your own electricity can not only help reduce your bills but will cut your carbon emissions and show a strong commitment to sustainability within your organisation.

Commercial Solar PVAt Evogreen we have been very fortunate to work with some great commercial organisations, we believe that our customers are the best representation of the work we do.

We are keen to deliver high quality projects from the initial appointment through to completion, we want our clients to be able to make the best choice for their business which is why our approach is always consultative. Please see some feedback below from an organisation who decided to install a 49kWp solar array.


contact-usEvogreen have a number of different financial packages available with options for web monitoring, extended guarantees and digital display readouts. Please ask when speaking to one of our advisors to hear more.


Commercial Solar PVTestimonial:

Andrew Farleigh -Wiper Supply Services

“From initial concept to final signing-off, Evogreen and their staff were no less than 100% excellent.

Even after the system was completed, they ensured that all the paperwork was thoroughly processed, sending us operating manuals, schematics and other information, both in hard copy and additionally supplied loaded into a memory stick for easy distribution to our managers.  EvoGreen assisted us in ensuring that our system was properly registered with our Electricity Generators (Scottish Power), and we are looking forward to the fruits of lower energy bills over the coming years.

In all, we would not hesitate to recommend EvoGreen to anyone seriously interested in a commercial Solar Power installation.” – Andrew Farleigh – Managing Director

contact-usContact us and arrange a no obligation visit from one of our friendly advisor’s who can explain how your business can benefit and gain an income from renewable energy, such as Wiper Supply Services.