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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers:

Biomass boilers heat buildings in an environmentally responsible way by using sustainably sourced timber (rather than gas, coal or oil) which can be provided in woodchip or pellet form.

Biomass Boilers

How does Biomass work?

-Biomass boilers are fed with wood chips or pellets from a hopper sited nearby which is then burnt at a very high rate of efficiency. This can then be linked into your building’s existing plumbing infrastructure.

-In automated models, the fuel is stored in close proximity to the boiler and is transported to the combustion chamber mechanically, as and when it is needed.

-We would recommend that you install a hopper which holds sufficient fuel for your needs for a lengthy period of time. This minimizes transport and delivery costs for fuel, as well as work for the organisation.

-Maintenance of the boiler is minimal – although you will need to clean it and remove the ash approximately once a month

Why do organisations install Biomass?

Increased prices in oil and gas are causing companies and green minded organisations to consider biomass wood pellet boilers as an effective alternative to traditional heat sources. The fuel is locally sourced, carbon-neutral and renewable.

Current designs of biomass boilers are easy to install and easy to operate. It is an obvious choice when replacing a gas or oil boiler; and can be connected to virtually any existing heating and hot water system.

A well installed, well managed Biomass system could make a particularly significant drop in your fuel bills if you are currently using an oil boiler, of as much as 50%.

Biomass Pellets:

Wood pellets are an environmental friendly fuel allowing CO2-neutral heating with highest energy efficiency. Burning wood pellets for heating, produces up to 80% less CO2 emissions when compared to traditional fossil fuels. Evogreen recommend the ENplus-A1 standard of pellets that insure they come from a certified producers and a sustainable source.

Corporate responsibility and environmental aims:

Many companies wish to work in a way that promotes sustainability and reduce waste. Using bioenergy can be a powerful message to your workforce and customers and can be incorporated into your company aims for the future.

Renewable Heat Incentive:

Biomass heating offers an excellent price-performance ratio to heat your property – particularly for all of the systems we have installed which benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is a government backed scheme where you get paid for each kWh you use the boiler for.