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Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre

  • August 5, 2015
    • Biomass Boiler
    • Biomass Energy Centre
    • Curriculum Assist Programme
    • Dersingham Primary School
    • Diocese of Norwich
    • Eco-School
    • environmental
    • Gayle Platt
    • Renewable heat incentive
    • RHI

Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre

Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre

The Project

Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre

After contacting Evogreen and making an appointment with one of our consultants, the school decided to install a biomass energy centre as a sustainable solution to their heating and hot water needs. The government RHI (Renewable heat incentive) was used to insure it was cost neutral to the school and they could benefit from reducing their bills by £662,167.00 and generating an income of £486,827.00 over the lifetime of the project.

The Installation

  • Bespoke Energy Centre
  • ETA Hack 199kW Biomass Boiler
  • 2000L Buffer Tank
  • Bespoke Pellet Store
  • RHI Approved Heat Meter
  • ETA Monitoring Control System


  • Fuel cost reduction of £662,167 over the project lifespan
  • 1,347 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions over the project lifespan
  • Revenue generated from the RHI Tariff £486,827 over the project lifespan


The Background

Dersingham Primary School is based in Dersingham, Kings Lynn who are affiliated to the Diocese of Norwich and are proud to be an Eco-School with a green Flag . They encourage their students to succeed through a stimulating curriculum in a happy, safe and exciting environment.

Evogreen worked with the school to design a custom fabricated structure that both suited the practical and aesthetic requirements. To limit any disruption to the school, the centre was built off site and craned into position during the holidays. The energy centre was a perfect solution as it was able to contain all the needed equipment in one place. All of Evogreen’s projects are turn-key solution, which means they take care of all aspects of the installation from start to finish and have a project engineer on site at all times to coordinate our teams.

Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre Shell


Dersingham Primary helps to promotes awareness of environmental issues taking advantage of the local surroundings to enhance learning opportunities. Installing a Biomass Boiler has given the pupils a first hand experience as to how then can combat climate change. This has provided a truly exciting educational opportunity for the students whilst saving the school money on energy costs and this money can now be used in other areas.

By creating a positive and creative climate in the school, every pupil can succeed in learning together while thinking for themselves. The school aims to provide an exciting curriculum which inspires the pupil to flourish and develop aspirations for a successful future.

contact-usAfter completing an installation every school can benefit from Evogreen’s Curriculum Assist Programme, where every pupil can participate in lesson plans. Please just ask when speaking to one of our advisor’s to hear more.


Inside Dersingham Primary School Biomass Energy Centre


Gayle Platt – Headteacher at Dersingham Primary School

” Evogreen have managed the installation from the outset, always keeping the school informed of the progress towards installation, but taking the stress and bureaucracy away from schools workload.  As a company they have been a pleasure to work with; every staff team member has been polite, professional and offered excellent service.  The whole experience has been carried out with extremely good efficiency, and I would certainly recommend Evogreen to other schools. “

contact-usContact us and arrange a no obligation visit from one of our friendly advisor’s who can go through how your school can benefit and gain an income from renewable energy just like Dersingham primary school.