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Babington Community College Solar PV Installation Leicestershire

  • December 16, 2015
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Babbington Community College Leicestershire

Students at Babbington Community College Leicestershire

Babington Community College have installed a 141.78kWp solar PV array

The Background

Babington Community College, designated as a foundation school is administered by a trust which includes Leicester City Council, Leicester College and the Co-operative College. A Specialist Sports College and rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, since March 2013.

For many years the school has strived to engender an environmental philosophy that places the school more at one with nature to promote understanding amongst pupils and staff for the need to not only take resources from the planet but also to put them back.  Through its environmental/sustainability policy the school has sought to extend not only to the basics, but encompass the wider aspects of all modes of transport, local purchasing and food miles to adopt a philosophy of repair, reuse and or reduce. It further promotes these ethics through college wide lessons for students and as part of its longer term commitment to student education they have produced their own vegetables on their allotment and deliver sustainability classes in its outdoor woodland class.

The Installation

  • Panel model: Q,Pro-G3 265
  • Number of panels: 535
  • Annual output:  kWh/year 118,094
  • Reduced energy costs over project lifespan: £441,469
  • Revenue generated from the FiT £306,734 over the project lifespan
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions 1,193


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Denise Newsome Babington Community College

“It is important that future generations understand the implications of the over use of the planet’s resources. Educating people from a young age will increase the chance of the school ensuring our environmental values become a way of life for many generations to come.”

Denise Newsome – Principal







Ray Allsop Babington Community College“Given our exacting standards and specific needs to deliver on our sustainable goals and educational values, our journey was one that I could only describe as supportive. There was a willingness to accommodate our needs at any turn, advice that made sense and a positive approach to dealing with our issues. Evogreen did not just sell us a product, but a complete package.”
Ray Allsop – Business Manager







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