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Thames View Infant School Academy

  • April 8, 2015

Thames View Infants

Thames View Infants School Academy has installed a 30 kWp Solar PV array on their roofs.

The Background

Thames View Infant School Academy is a medium sized infant school in Barking, Essex. Thames View teaches their students to respect, accept and value their classmates and adults in their multicultural school community. They want students to enjoy their time at school in a comfortable and secure environment. Thames View believe that developing the student’s ability to make decisions for themselves is essential. They pride themselves on their vibrant, high-quality teaching giving all students the best learning experience possible. By installing Solar PV, Thames View have set an example to all their students. They have entered the world of renewables and have shown the students how to make a stand against climate change. Not only is this offering a fresh learning opportunity for their community, Thames View have been able to take this responsibility at no capital cost due to Evogreen’s unique financial model. They can now enjoy the benefits of saving on their energy costs whilst receiving an income from government incentives.

Thames View Infants

The Installation

  •  30 kWp solar PV array
  • Q-CELL Q.PRO G3 250 polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • SMA 3-Phase Inverters
  • Sunny Webbox Monitoring System


  • Annual output of 26,160 kWh
  • Reduced energy costs of £105,551 over the project lifespan
  • 263 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions over the project lifespan
  • Revenue generated from the FiT and Export Tariff £55,132 over the project lifespan