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The Sixth Form College Colchester

  • January 22, 2015

The Sixth Form College Coclchester

The Sixth Form College Colchester have installed a 9 kWp Solar PV array on their roof.

The Background

The Sixth Form College Colchester is a further education establishment based in Colchester. The ethos and atmosphere in the College is positive and vibrant with a strong sense of community. A broadly based educational experience is provided for full time 16-19 year old students, and the importance of the development of each individual student is recognised. Operating as a young adult environment the College provides a bridge between the worlds of school and of higher education or employment. The college wishes to enrich the students opinions and for them to develop an understanding of the impact they have on the environment. While installing their Solar PV system, the college are not only making savings on energy bills but they are also educating their students on how to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Sixth Form College Coclchester


The Installation

  •  9.01 kWp solar PV array
  • Q-CELL Q.PRO G3 265 polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • SMA 3-Phase Inverters
  • Sunny Webbox Monitoring System


  • Annual output of 7,848 kWh
  • Reduced energy costs of £36,356 over the project lifespan
  • 79 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions over the project lifespan
  • Revenue generated from the FiT and Export Tariff £34,858 over the project lifespan