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Delamode Plc

  • March 17, 2014

Delamode plc

Delamode plc have installed a 20kWp Solar PV array on their roofs.

The Background

Delamode is a leading, privately owned, logistics and freight forwarding company, delivering complete end-to-end supply chain solutions. With a presence throughout Europe, Delamode aims to be a forward looking and pioneering company. Part of this progressive approach to business has included a review of their carbon footprint and exploring ways to minimise their impact on the environment. Delamode recognised the need to adopt a responsible and sustainable stance, and had explored various ways in which this could be achieved. The production of their own electricity in a very clean way through the use of solar panels was seen as the best solution. It reduced their carbon output whilst also reducing energy costs and generating revenue.

Delamode plc

The Installation

  • 2 x 10 kWp solar PV arrays
  • Winaico 235 Panels
  • SMA 3-phase inveters
  • 2 x Sunny Beam 3000 Monitoring System


  • Annual output of 15,600 kWh
  • Reduced energy costs of £123,588 over the project lifespan
  • 350 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions over the project lifespan
  • Revenue generated from FiT and export tariff £257,918 over the project lifespan



“As a responsible business in the 21st century, it is important to have a positive environmental attitude. The fitting of solar panels was an easily accessible way of taking a step forward in this area. Having spoken to Evogreen it was clear that this was a sound business decision – rising costs of electricity and the ability to be paid for what we produce were key factors in our decision. We were impressed with the amount of CO2 savings we could achieve – we take the view that the savings here offset some of our other, and more carbon intensive, activities which we can’t change.” – Shaun Godfrey – Managing Director

“The important and key deciding factor in adopting PV does boil down to whether it makes financial sense to do so. With energy prices at their all time high, renewable energy helps mitigate their rises and with the government’s FiT scheme it actually starts generating revenues for us. As soon as the installation was complete it was effectively generating revenue and saving us money. We are seeing the benefits now and look forward to reaping the rewards in future years to come.” – Liam Collison – Finance Controller

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